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Waste Recycling and Processing

Reclaim Resources have developed a technology, (Patent applied for worldwide) which provides a solution to recycling household waste, offering greater protection to the environment and more cost effective than anything available on the market today.

How the system works 
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The only alternative to landfill and incineration

  • Less than one tenth the capital outlay of comparable Incinerator Plant + lower running costs
  • A ‘continuous’ process therefore production is infinitely expandable
  • It can be easily automated, is fully scaleable and movable
  • Non Incineration -producing virtually no toxins or odours
  • Greatly reduces production of methane and the spread of disease
  • Returns valuable prime land back for development
  • Resultant product & residue of biomass is sanitized ready for re-processing
  • Process able to generate electricity or bio-fuel (or support for coal)
  • Eligible for Carbon Credits by achieving EU & National targets
  • Reduces the need for costly future clean up (caused through leaching)
  • Manufactured in country of operation bringing employment to that area
  • Underwritten by a first class Insurance Policy
  • Feasibility studies carried out which ‘prove’ the concept
  • Patented Worldwide

  • Features

    The ‘Vantage’ Waste Processing system delivers a ‘continuous’ recycling process which, not only eliminates the time consuming process of loading waste, but also offers a facility to convert the sanitized end product into valuable, saleable biofuel or electricity.
    The process is uncomplicated and combines the best of existing 2lst century technologies, resulting in the most highly efficient method of recycling precious resources available today.

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