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The U.S. Government has adopted resource management techniques since World War II to fight the same social dilemmas. Currently the U.S. is spending in excess of $2.0Bn USD per year to achieve these goals. As the result, the U.S. Economy is in the forefront of world economies and it's health has a direct impact on others economies. Year 1965: Iran spent $12.0M to $15.0M USD and hired Americans to provide a comprehensive resource management study to utilize its resources. 12 months later, the study produced maps that turns the Iranian economy from an importing nation to the sixth largest economy in the world by 1975. Year 1991: President Bill Clinton launched a $55.0M USD resource management study for country of UAE. As a result Dubai is now the major economic powerhouse and perhaps the number one financial district in the world. Further studies ($115.0M USD) were done in 2001 to develop the rest of the UAE and currently, there are immediate plans to develop Abu-Dhabi for a $700.0Bn USD price tag. These models prove that the size of a country is not the driving force for economic expansion. Year 2000: Saudi Arabia authorized a "Resource Management" study for a price tag of $150.0M USD. As a result, $300.0 Bn USD of expansion will be underway over the next ten years. There are other countries such as Japan, China, Russia and India that have taken the same path. The Americans assisted with these studies helping them to become major economic power houses.

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