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DuTemp Aviation  offers consulting services in demand forecasting, air service & cargo marketing, strategic & master airport planning, airport financing & privatization, asset valuation, cargo business & facility planning, safety & security evaluations, air traffic control infrastructure planning, environmental and noise analysis, project management, and construction.

DuTemp is a premier, full-service, FAA-approved, aviation support organization. We are recognized as an industry leader in corporate and commercial aircraft management, maintenance, and operations.

Our capabilities are a unique portfolio of services, including:

  • Testing and Certification

  • Aircraft Registration

  • Inspection and Testing

  • Aircraft Certification

  • Software Development

  • FBO Services

  • Aircraft Management

  • Major Component Repair and Overhaul

  • Charter Flight Operations

  • Financial Services

  • Aircraft System Training

  • Hardware Design

  • System Integration

  • Installation and Maintenance

  • Engineering Marketing and Consulting

FAA Certification

Our FAA-approved repair stations provide comprehensive maintenance for any size fleet. Maintenance services range from minor repairs to major overhauls and inspections. Our highly skilled staff work anywhere in the world and on all areas of an aircraft including; airframe, electrical, hydraulics, avionics, and engines. 

DuTemp Aviation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Air Service and Cargo Marketing
  • Strategic and Master Airport Planning
  • Airport Financing and Privatization
  • Asset Valuation
  • Cargo Business and Facility Planning
  • Safety and Security Evauation
  • Air Traffic Control Infrastructure Planning
  • Environmental and Noise Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Construction

DuTemp’s goal is to provide the best aviation services for you and your aircraft. We are dedicated to fulfilling your needs with the highest standards of quality at the most reasonable cost.

Our extended service eliminates the need to fly your aircraft to an FAA certified station by sending our FAA Certified Inspectors to the aircraft: wherever it may be. Please contact us with your fleet information and services required.

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